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Retail historians, Peter Blackbird and Brian Florence decided to take Pete's hobby and make it visible to the Internet.

Fascinated by the ever-changing face of retail, Pete has researched and learned as much as he could about the many facets of the retail industry. Having himself worked for Hills department stores during their transition into Ames, along with Brian who worked at a Caldor, as well as other various retail-oriented contacts, they find themselves captivated by the current trends in the retail industry, and have seen first-hand the demise of many of these great giants of retail. Having had a hand in retail working, the two continue to devote their time to tracking the cause and effect of the dead mall phenomenon and preserving the memory of these shopping centers for years to come.

Thanks to the power of the internet, we have been able to compile information from people all over the web, contributing invaluable information to our cause! is an endeavor designed to promote the history of the malls as well as their nature, whether thriving or declining, and the impact of time and competition on these establishments.

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Brian Florence

I started with my friend Pete Blackbird in 2000 when we both realized that Pete had mountains of data about dead and dying malls stuck up in his head. Why keep this information to yourself? And, realizing the burgeoning power of the internet and its ability to draw in more information, the site was created to harness stories of woe and merriment from others. Its been a great success, and very interesting to maintain and keep this site going.

Lee Eisenberg describes me as "a personable chap named Brian Florence, who's in his early thirties, works for an insurance company, and lives in Glens Falls, New York. <snip> Tech savvy (he also maintains a site called dedicated to ferreting out and selling rare or defunct bottled soda), Florence launched as a favor to a buddy whose idea of a compelling weekend is to drive hundreds of miles to take the pulse of an endangered mall."    (see the press page for the article entitled What's in Store for the Suburban Mall?)

Learn more about me here:

Peter Blackbird

Ever since Peter Blackbird saw how a shopping mall he had visited at the age of eleven had turned into a "ghost town" two years later, he started to visit malls and thus charted "history of retail" on the basis of the stories he gathered. Determined to ensure that 'dead malls' merited a page in history; Blackbird turned to his friend Brian Florence to bring to life in 2000.

Jack Thomas

Having always been interested in retail from a young age, primarily from a visual and memory based aspect, the concept of a mall closing up forever took me by surprise. It fascinated me that a place so popular could just close up with little fanfare. The interest was expanded when I started to witness the failure of two malls in the area which I grew up. Setting out into the vast world of the internet back in 2001 to discover more information about this phenomenon, I stumbled upon, and the rest is history.

The website was still relatively young back then, but after numerous contributions from viewers like you and a spotlight in the media world, has transformed into the website you see before you. I am happy to be a part of the team to get this information out to you, the viewer and hope that your memories are sparked by what you read as you puruse through these pages.

As of November 16, 2019, Jack has left to pursue an ever-expanding career in Retail History that lies just over the horizon. We wish him well!

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(sorry to anyone we've missed, let us know if you have content on the site!) is featured in a documentary
"Malls R Us" is a powerful reminder as we slide into global economic crisis of how much mass consumption has shaped people's lives and created the public spaces of modern societies, East and West, North and South. This film impresses upon us the folly of our ways, the alternatives we might entertain, but also the difficulties we will face extricating ourselves from a world overly dependent on retail for prosperity and community.
-- Lizabeth Cohen, author of A Consumers' Republic: The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America

A fascinating, sumptuously filmed investigation into the history, design, function and future of the shopping mall in modern life. With its global sweep, vintage footage, and searching assessment of the mixed blessings that malls are in our lives, Malls R Us is instant classic-- the documentary you want to see on this subject.
-- Alex Shoumatoff, Contributing Editor, Vanity Fair Magazine

'Malls R Us' is eye-opening, showing us the unfortunate fate of not only malls dying in the United States, but where the new ones are ending up, and the motivation behind their creation and the developer's drive for their project to be the biggest and best. Your perception of the shopping mall will not be the same after you see this!
-- Brian Florence,

Roger Ebert's Review of "Malls R Us". 3 stars!
See info about Malls R Us on Icarus Films' web site.
Doc Zone did a great job of repackaging, renarrating,
and bringing this material up to date given the current economic climate.
(click on the link above and you can watch it now on YouTube!)

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