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Posted November 17, 2008 (user submitted)

Fountain Square opened in the late 1980's to much fanfare. There was a huge (for the time) AMC 14-theater megaplex and a Hollywood-style "walk of fame" - of sorts. One of the first celebrities to put her hand prints in the pavement was Dolly Parton. When asked why she didn't memorialize some more famous attributes in the cement, she replied that kids might fall in & hurt themselves. The whole place had that late 80's Miami Vice look to it. If you go to Google Maps and look around Metro Center drive, you can still see the turquoise-blue roofs. Sometime in the early 90's, Fountain Square made the news a few times when movie patrons would excitedly express their enthusiasm by shooting guns - yes, guns - into the movie screen. Conveniently, other more suburban malls were building up capacity and opening bigger theaters. Fountain Square disintegrated as a mall, and is now home to a school & some offices.

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