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Posted March 25, 2008 (user submitted)

This mall, Inlet Square, in Myrtle Beach was built in 1980 by CBL Properties, construction by EMJ Corp. It has all the pink tile, beige paint and brass accents you'd expect. Since it's opening it has had vacant spaces that to this day have the original dirt floors and plywood facades. It is, of course, home to many elderly mall walkers.

In 2003 (?) it was purchased by two developers Charles Fancher of L.A. and Nate Fishkin of New Jersey. Immediately they had architects working on elaborate and expensive scenarios including giant 4,000 gallon fish tanks, huge green gathering areas, band performance space, interactive fountains, a hotel, a wedding chapel, many upscale restaurants, etc. However, daunted by the sheer costs associated with their expectations, the remodel has diminished to a small bit of interior repainting. The work has started and stopped since the summer of 2007.

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