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Rotterdam Square Mall opened in 1988 off of I-890. It was most likely one of the reasons why Mohawk Mall became dead a decade later. Since I was born right after Mohawk Mall was demolished, my mom started to go to Rotterdam Square. When me, my brother, and my mom would go, it wasn't as in bad shape as it's been in. But what does it look like?

There are 3 wings. The Sears wing, the Macy's wing, and the Kmart wing. Mom would usually enter the Sears, and go through the wing of the same name. In that wing, there was a pet shop where my brother and I would usually look at the puppies there, a TJ Maxx where both the signs weren't leveled equally (I'd usually duck when I crossed the low one and jump when I crossed the high one), and a shoe store that was put in around 2012, closing in an entrance.

In the middle of the mall, there was a water fountain where I'd usually toss coins in and visit Santa during Christmas. The movie theater also sits there. Going opposite way of the movie theater brings you to the Macy's wing. On the left facing Macy's, there was a Gertrude hawk, a GameStop, and a dollar store. There wasn't much on the right though.

The last wing is the Kmart wing. This wing is the longest out of the 3. If you go here from the water fountain, you'll pass a Yankee Candle and other stores. On the right after the Yankee Candle is where I usually enter when I go here now. Going past that entrance will bring you to the food court. There stood a full size carousel in the center. There was also a McDonalds across the way from it. I remember also seeing there a Quiznos, Subway, and a few Asian cuisines. Past the food court finally brings you to the Kmart, where mom would sometimes shop.

The decline was all of a sudden. In 2007, the carousel was taken out of the Mall. Around 2010, the McDonalds and pet shop shut down. Many stores left the mall around 2014, the dollar store and even the Macy's. Mom stopped going around this time.

In 2015, the name was changed to Viaport Rotterdam. The name change didn't help at all, as TJ maxx relocated that same year and Sears closed the next year, along with Quiznos, Gertrude hawk and Game stop. The fountain was also removed around that time.

In 2017, the TJ maxx was renovated into the mall's version of a Dave and Busters, called Via Entertainment. The other side of the wing was renovated into an Aquarium, right next to the shoe store. This hasn't seemed to help, though. Kmart has filed for bankruptcy and will close soon.

The other day, mom and I went there to see what it's like now, and it's not too well. 37% of the mall is vacant, which is almost dying.

The Sears wing only has Via Entertainment, the Aquarium, and shoe store.

The Macy's wing looks dead. Every store is closed except for like 3. The Macy's now holds office space.

The food court only has a BBQ, Chinese express and a subway. The rest are jewelry stores.

The Kmart wing isn't better. Only a few stores remain.

Honestly, I feel that Rotterdam Square Mall will go down the same way Rolling Acres Mall did. Abandoned from humanity, left to rot for good. The only things that may remain are the shoe store, Entertainment center, and Aquarium. It's sad that a place that brought you so much joy now brings you so much sadness.

Links - Kmart announces closure fall 2018
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