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Posted September 12, 2010(user submitted)

Downtown Calgary: a mall is being renovated, but in the meanwhile has become a bit of a dead mall.

What happened: Eaton's, a large Canadian retailer, went under and was bought out by Sears. They closed some locations, renamed some as Sears, and kept a few Eaton's locations but called them eatons (lowercase E, no apostrophe) but nobody really cared...Sears retired the brand and named everything Sears.

That really didn't help things, and a few of their downtown locations have closed...including THIS ONE.

From what I gathered from research and the security people working in the building, this Sears closed down in January, and is being totally renovated for Holt Renfrew, an upscale clothing and jewellery store. I'm not an economist, but knowing Calgary, I'm not sure it'll work well as a four floor store. In the meanwhile: all the stores have almost vanished.

I've been away from Calgary, but that's okay, I'm sure someone out there who knows the city could explain what the stores were. In the pictures, I've added comments on what I saw.

To the people that run the site: I give you permission to use these pictures and any part of this description necessary for your site. I've been a huge fan of the site, and it's my pleasure to add more content to it.

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