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Posted September 3, 2006 (user submitted)

Colonial Village Mall was sold to a church last year. Its two big stores were JC Penneys and Bergners. JC Penneys left a few years ago to a brand new addition at the CherryVale Mall in Rockford (about 5 miles away), and Bergners finally closed down this year.

It was a smaller mall with probably about 10 stores inside, and a few more stores attached outside. It also had a three or four screen theater seperate from the mall. There was a large parking garage attached to the Bergners store.

When I was a kid around 1977, My mother used to take us kids to see Santa there. I can remember Bergners, Penney's, Striderite, Fashion Bug, Swiss Colony, and an ice cream shop inside. (among a few other stores). Bergners seemed like a massive store at the time with a resteraunt on the second floor next to the parking garage doors. It was a good size resteraunt with a few bay windows overlooking a neighboring park. The food was GREAT, but for unknown reasons, it closed well over ten years ago.

The last time I was there was in 2004. Penneys was having a store wide closing sale. All else that remained inside the mall was Bergners, a small mom & pop resteraunt, and an attorneys office. The fountains that ran down the center of the indoor mall had also become planters.

As of this time, I'm not sure if the theaters have closed or if they are still open. (It was the only theater in town that attemped to show Michael Moore's Farenheit 911.)

Anyways, thats basically what I can remember of the place. There really is not much about the mall on the net though. There still might be some stores open outside the mall.

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