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Posted February 13, 2008 (user submitted)

Seminole Mall sits on the corner of 113th St. and Park Blvd. in Seminole, FL. It appears to have been built in 1970. The mall is quite small and has a few outbuildings on the property, including the Seminole 8 movie theater.

The anchors include Bealls, Stein Mart, Publix, and Big K. At one point there was a Woolco and, I think, a Waccamaw. The anchors seem to be doing relatively well, it's the inside of the mall that is dead. It consists mainly of one long corridor with a food court off to the side. There are hardly any stores open along this corridor. Bon Worth, a dimly-lit restaurant, a lawyer, and a snack bar are some of the only stores open inside. The mall is very dim as it seems the management no longer turns on all of the lights. Hanging from the roof are the flags of all the states. The mall gives off an early 90s feel so I take it that was when it was last updated. The food court is at the end of a stubby hallway. There was only an Indian restaurant inside. At the other end of the food court is the entrance to Big K.

It is evident that this mall is nearly dead. There was almost no foot traffic inside the mall. However, parts of the parking lot were full, probably for all of the anchors and the Publix, which has no interior access to the mall. There are also businesses along the outside that seem to be doing better. In essence, this is both an outdoor mall and an indoor mall.

If the city of Seminole should ever see a rise in growth or a demand for space, this mall will undoubtedly have to go. I read reports of people wanting to turn the mall into an upscale-type shopping center with places like Nordstrom. However, the chances of this happening, especially in Seminole, is highly unlikely.

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