Pete Blackbird's Commentary:

This is Baldwinsville's attempt at an enclosed mall. It's not really anchored, and it dosen't really have any chain stores, but it does have a funny smell, and $1.50 second showing movies. I kinda like the place. At one time this delapidated mall housed an Eckerd's, but they wanted a new building, so they built a stand alone store on the property. Also, connected to the mall is a Sav-A-Lot grocery store, but it's not accessible through the mall.

Inside the mall is a cafe, which is pretty much in the hall, with a mock-up picket fence denoting whether or not you are in the cafe. Also, an antique store, used book store, and some other weird things are in there. This mall is small and run down, but I don't think it's going anywhere. It caters to old folks, and people who want to see a movie, but won't pay Hoyts prices. I like the spot, but I haven't been there since 1999, hopefully it's still standing. Baldwinsville is kind-of a trippy little town anyway, if you're gonna visit, take a ride around "Raddison". Feels a little like big brother is watching you in there.

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