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Added January 17, 2019 (user submitted July 3, 2018)

Vista Ridge Mall (now known as the Music City Mall), was one of the best places to go during my childhood. Concerts, Fourth of July fireworks, and every hip store- this mall had it all. Within the past few years, the decline has become extremely apparent.

During my recent visit to Music City Mall, I could not help but notice how dramatically different everything is from when I used to go there as a child. The decline of the mall really began after the closings of American Eagle and Aeropostale, which was only the beginning of many, many shutdowns of name brand stores being replaced by small businesses.

I am definitely all for supporting small business, but you will be hard pressed to find familiar name brands in this mall, with Charlotte Russe, Rue 21, and Bath and Body Works being some of the only ones I can name off of the top of my head other than the department stores. Popular stops in the food court such as Panda Express have been replaced by the likes of Salt N' Pepper and Sushi Taco. Even what was once a Panera Bread, then eventually a generic knockoff, has now closed its doors for good. The Sears in which I took my driving lessons is currently running their final liquidation sale.

I can't help but have fond memories of this mall- some of my favorite stores as a child are no more, including Hot Topic and Earthbound Trading Company. I also noticed a cellphone repair shop in the same area where the Libby Lu was years ago, where I had my birthday party as a tween. Gone are these shops, replaced by "$5 and under" clothing stores that would not last a single wash.

A few places, such as Victoria's Secret, do remain. However, they have the smallest selection of any other locations in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Most of the stores in general at this mall have become quite small. With rumors of Claire's closing, what will be left?

I greatly admire that the new owners are trying so hard to restore this mall- a carousel was added, pianos that play themselves have been placed throughout the mall (which can make one jump at times), local artists are invited to sing, orchestras sometimes play on the weekends. I have noticed virtual reality simulators and other new attractions pop up during my last couple of visits.

However, without some familiar places to shop, and yet more destined to close their doors, I fear for the future of our beloved Music City Mall.

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